Lesley Cohen is proud to have fought for legislation which makes life better for all Nevadans. In particular, Lesley has sponsored legislation to improve the lives of senior citizens, support our veteran community, and strengthen consumer protections.

Diversifying Nevada’s economy will help end the cycle of boom and bust while making Nevada an easier place to bring, start and grow a business.

  • Passed permanent funding to improve workforce training programs and apprenticeships.

  • Established a 5 percent bidding preference for state purchasing contracts when proposals are submitted from Nevada-based companies. Companies must have an active presence in Nevada to qualify. (AB280)

  • Established a loan program for small businesses and businesses owned by minorities, women and the disadvantaged. (AB436)

We believe that we must invest in our public education, put great teachers in every classroom, and give teachers the resources they need to help their students succeed. Parents should have more choices and more say in how their kids’ schools are run. Nevada students deserve highly qualified teachers and a rigorous curriculum that helps them achieve their very best.

  • Provided $20 million over the next two years to support Nevada’s Millenium Scholarship program. (AB511)

  • Put $17 million towards upgrading CCSD’s out-of-date technology system. (SB550)

  • Secured $2.5 million in incentives for hiring new and experienced teachers for Title 1 schools and schools that are designated as underperforming. (AB434)

We can’t attract new businesses if we don’t have an educated workforce ready to be hired. Nevada must offer a variety of higher education and job training programs to be competitive. That’s why we will keep costs at four-year universities low while expanding affordable job training and community college programs that that allow students to be job-ready in less time and for less money.

  • Provided $25 million in state funding to the new UNLV medical school and planning money for a new engineering building at the university. The Medical funding is being matched with a $25 million matching, anonymous donation. (SB553)

  • Appropriated funding for new building construction and repairs at UNR,CSN, NSC and UNLV.

Lesley sees great opportunity for our state to grow our economy with ecotourism. Millions of dollars are spent in Nevada each year by people who come from all over the world to enjoy only-in-Nevada outdoor adventures. From hiking and biking to hunting and photography, Nevada has it all for outdoor enthusiasts. Nevada’s outdoor treasures can be protected while growing our economy and Lesley will put those mountains to work.

  • Brought the rooftop solar market back to Nevada by restoring and stabilizing net metering rates for rooftop solar that bring industry jobs back to the state. (AB405)

  • Expanded cost-effective energy efficiency programs with 5% set aside for low-income communities. (AB223)

  • Sent a clear message to Washington D.C. that Nevadans will not stand for dangerous and harmful nuclear waste to be stored in Yucca Mountain. (AJR10)

Henderson is often ranked among the “safest cities in the nation,” but it doesn’t always feel that way. We have to focus on the successful crime prevention programs we already have like the Veterans Court and the Drug Court. These programs keep people from being repeat offenders and help prevent minor offenders from becoming hardened criminals.

  • Passed a bill allowing for the early termination of a lease agreement by a tenant who is a victim of harassment, stalking, or sexual assault. (AB247)

  • Enhanced the criminal penalty for certain crimes committed against first responders. (SB541)

  • Designated “e-commerce exchange zones” at police stations in our communities for people to have the option of safely meeting and completing internet sales. This bill is the first in the nation of it’s type to be implemented on a statewide level. (AB297)

Lesley supports fully funding a new medical school in Southern Nevada and creating incentives to keep those new doctors here in Nevada. It is very exciting to see medical facilities growing in and around the district just in the last few months because not only does this mean better healthcare for our neighbors but hundreds of jobs for our community. No one should have to worry about being able to find or pay for quality health care and Lesley will stand up to anyone who wants to make our health care more expensive.

  • Passed an HMO transparency bill. (SB394)

  • Expanding the hours of mobile mental health units in Clark and Washoe counties. The law requires mobile units to be available from 8am to midnight, seven days a week. (SB192)

  • Required doctors and other healthcare professionals to take regular continuing education training on suicide prevention and awareness. (AB105)

Increase accountability and improve administration of state benefits for veterans so that those who served our country are treated with the respect they deserve.

  • Passed a bill allowing military personnel, who are ordered to relocate by the military, to terminate service contracts like gym memberships, cell phone and internet service agreements without facing a penalty. (AB282)

  • Created the position of Veteran Personnel Coordinator to recruit and hire veterans and widows or widowers of persons killed in the line of duty for jobs throughout Nevada.

As a family law attorney Lesley works with families every day – mothers, fathers, and grandparents – fighting for their rights. Whether it’s a victim of domestic abuse or a new family starting the process of adopting a child, Lesley has been a champion for them. In our State Legislature, Lesley will fight for your family just as hard.

  • Established the Nevada Pregrant Workers’ Fairness Act to provide protections to female employment who are affected by a condition of the employee or applicant relating to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition. (SB253)

  • Required employers to make accommodations for nursing mothers.

  • Expanded bullying legislation passed in 2015 by specifying that the prohibition on bullying and policies on cyberbullying apply to all public schools, including charter schools. (SB225)

  • Required that every public restroom in any newly constructed public building be equipped with a baby changing station that is accessible to both moms and dads. (AB241)

  • Closed loopholes often exploited by the payday and title loan industry. The bill generally prohibits payday loans or title loans without first making an affirmative determination that the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. (AB163)
  • Approved a state-level fiduciary standard to require all financial advisors put their client’s best interests before their own. (SB383)
  • Created the Main Street Program within the Department of Tourism which would focus on historic preservation and economic development program through the National Trust for Historic Preservation. (AB417)
  • Increased funding for Meals on Wheels. (AB518)


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Paid for and authorized by the Friends for Lesley Cohen.

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